GlobalCapital, the capital markets newspaper, and Euromoney Insight conducted a global survey of investors and capital markets issuers in July and August 2020. The survey is unusual in questioning issuers and investors at the same time.

The questionnaires for issuers and investors were different, but in many cases the questions were complementary, to give insight into the perceptions each group have of the other.

The study was designed to cover a wide diversity of organisations, by size, geography and type of activity. Investors and issuers were invited to participate in online surveys, comprising multiple choice questions.

The surveys were offered in Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Over 2,500 responses were received from issuers and investors. To participate, each respondent had to state their name, contact details, job title, the name, nature and size of their organisation, and where they were based. Responses are treated anonymously.
From these, a structured sample was extracted for use in the survey. This comprised 1,000 issuers and 1,000 investors, distributed across 34 territories in four regions. The sample was designed to give broad geographical coverage of each of the regions.

Where there were too many responses from a particular country, those from larger organisations were used.

All data shows percentages of those who answered that question.

The sample analysed is as follows: